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Meet Tania


Nutrition & Female Strength Coach

Once I turned 40, I quickly realised that I needed to approach my health and fitness a little differently. I had to implement better food choices, workout protocols, and recovery methods. The exercise & nutrition routines that previously worked for me, slowly stopped having effect. 

The majority of my clients at the time were women, just like me. Most were overwhelmed with all the conflicting information on how to get back in shape that it prevented them from even trying at all. They had become a victim to stress-driven eating, hormone fluctuations, debilitating fatigue and anxiety. That's when I decided to establish Fit After 40 - a program specifically designed for women transitioning from their 30's into their 40's and beyond.

This program has one unique component over all others on the!


I thrive on getting the best out of the women I train, pushing them to be the best version of themselves and most of all help govern the discipline and adherence required to reach their goals.

Start the journey now and fall in love with taking care of yourself.


"With Tan’s passion for the industry, and the kindness and understanding she shows to her clients... it is impossible not to get results!!!

She can relate to me, like no other personal trainer. Like me, she is a busy, working mum and she understands all the challenges that have stop me from being fit. With those challenges in mind, she has been able to give me nutritional guidance, strength training and emotional support and she got me the results! I have never felt better about myself."

— Nikki

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